Val d’Hérens

Authentic and traditional, the Val d'Hérens is only a few minutes away from the Valais capital.

This secret valley, preserved from mass tourism, has a lot to offer to outdoor enthusiasts, contemplative people, nature lovers and epicureans.

"Hérens" is both the name of the valley and that of a very special breed of Alpine cows, whose particularity is their fighting instinct that pushes them to confront each other in impressive but harmless duels. No one knows if it is the cow that gave its name to the valley, or if it is the opposite. What is certain is that the link between this territory, its inhabitants, its visitors and the local agriculture is vital.

For generations, the inhabitants have tamed the steep slopes of this valley in order to provide for their needs through livestock, field crops or fruit trees. This precious know-how in the service of nature and taste has allowed them to maintain the meadows, the mountain pastures and the forests and thus to maintain a rich and varied landscape while developing agricultural products with subtle flavors.

Among the local specialties are the use of milk and meat from local breeds of cows (Hérens and its cousin Evolénarde) and Tsarfion, an ancestral recipe based on cabbage and St-Martin pork that has been secretly passed down from generation to generation.

Today, numerous offers allow everyone to explore the heights of the Val d'Hérens and to discover its charms: tasting of cheeses, salted meats, seasonal fruits, wines or liqueurs, visits to the heart of the land, participation in the making of cheeses... The passion of the territory can be shared in a thousand ways!