The cultural roots of all people are closely linked to their agricultural production and the way they feed themselves. Therefore, the best way to understand an area and its inhabitants is to discover its gastronomic traditions. In reality, however, industrialization leads to a standardization of food. In this context, as a destination with rich and varied culinary traditions, Valais is committed to enhancing its heritage in order to preserve it. It is precisely this goal that Slow Food, a leading movement with one million members in 160 countries, supports the Slow Food Travel project, with the help of the canton and the Confederation through the Innotour fund.

Slow Food Travel therefore offers you some exclusive tours to discover the Valais agricultural production and the resulting gastronomy. The programs are carried out in small groups of 8 to a maximum of 15 people and are designed to be educational, to allow people to meet and exchange ideas and, of course, to be tasty. Slow Food wants to introduce you to its world of delicious, clean and fair food for all. And above all, to provide you with unforgettable experiences!

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