This Slow Food project aims to support quality food production that is in danger of disappearing, thus protecting unique regions and ecosystems, safeguarding traditional techniques and know-how, and encouraging the conservation of indigenous flora and fauna.In Switzerland, there are currently about 20 Presidia products promoted by Slow Food with the support of the Coop Fund for Sustainable Development.

Ark of Taste

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity maintains a worldwide inventory, of food products threatened with extinction by industrial standardization, that everyone can contribute to. The Ark of Taste includes not only ready-made meals and dishes, but also a large number of purebred animals and vegetables and fruits with almost forgotten flavors.

Around 80 products make up the Ark of Taste in Switzerland.

Regional products

Various regional labels support the traceability and seasonality of products. Their specifications are in line with the Slow Food philosophy. Among these are the Goût des Cimes for the Grand Entremont region and Saveurs Dents du Midi for the Region Dents du Midi, as well as the Valais brand label for the entire canton of Valais. On a national scale, the PDO-PGI defends the origin of the products and the Bio Suisse label their production method


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