Gommer Höhenweg


The Goms with its 13 original and charismatic mountain villages from Gletsch to Niederwald, lies in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Here you will find a sunny climate with up to 300 sunny days a year. Ideal for the cows in Goms. The climate, the crystal clear mountain air, the icy glacier water and the lush meadows are the basis for the delicious and spicy milk from Goms. 

Farming is also practiced in the Goms. In Obergesteln, 200 small fields are still cultivated under hard conditions. Although the number of fields has decreased considerably, the landscape-shaping aspect is considered unique in the Alps in this extent.

Goms is also known for its traditional rye bread production. It is still prepared according to an old recipe with sourdough and baked in an oven heated with wood. 

Even more famous is the Goms cholera. The name comes from the time when the disease of the same name had broken out in Valais. At that time, people cooked with what the peasant household gave, especially the potato was prepared in all kinds of ways. The hearty cake made of flour, onions, leek, apples, potatoes and cheese developed from a poor man's meal to today's Gommer delicacy.